Thu Dec 22 2022

Lack of waiters and the problems this means for the hospitality sector

In recent years, there has been a decline in the number of waiters and waitresses in the hospitality industry.

There are several reasons for this trend: the increasing use of technology, the rise of fast food and fast casual restaurants, and the growth of the gig economy are the main contributing factors which are causing these professionals to turn to other career paths.

For the most part, the hospitality industry in Europe relies heavily on the work of waiters and waitresses to provide service to customers.

As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges you may face is finding and retaining qualified and reliable staff. Is your business properly able to manage customers in the case that you lose your front of house team?

Not having a team or tools available to manage your customers can be hugely detrimental to your business. It can lead to several problems including:

Decreased customer satisfaction

When customers do not feel served, frustration and dissatisfaction occurs. This can lead to negative reviews, which further damage the reputation of the business and will deter potential customers. If staff are overstretched and unable to provide the same level of service as usual, this will lead to job stress and a further decrease in customer satisfaction.

Decrease in sales and income

Ultimately, the inability to take orders leads to a decrease in sales and revenue for the company. If customers are dissatisfied with service or waiting times, they may choose to go elsewhere. If staff are unable to keep up with demand, this can also lead to a decrease in sales and revenue as errors.

Increased employee turnover

A shortage of staff can lead to increased stress and workload for the remaining employees, which can result in higher levels of employee turnover. This can be costly for the business, as it takes time and resources to recruit and train new staff. In addition, a high employee turnover rate can be damaging to the overall culture and morale of the business.

In order to avoid these problems it is important for businesses to ensure that they have the right tools and protocols in order to:

  • Relieve your staff from unnecessary tasks
  • Provide your team with a clear methodology in order to deliver the best possible service to customers
  • Get orders in and out of the kitchen when you are experiencing staff downtime
  • Implement strategies to attract and retain top talent

Business owners should consider what digital solutions exist in the market to help combat this newfound lack of experienced staff in the market and be prepared to deal with the problems that arise from it.

There are a number of tasks in your restaurant or bar which can very simply be automated while also requiring very little maintenance and training to use. For example, inventory management, counting up the till at the end of the day and handling bookings don’t need to be done manually. Switching to a modern digital management system can save you and your staff countless hours which leads to more relaxed working conditions.

Table ordering from a QR based digital menu is a great strategy thousands of businesses are turning to every day. The advantages are clear. Not only do they help you sell more and get more reviews but it also guarantees that your guests have a way of viewing your menu, ordering and paying. In times when you have a high volume of customers or are lacking staff, this is invaluable.

Using the right technology is a sure way of staying innovative, offering your employees better working conditions and job stability. By running your business in the best way possible, you inevitably attract the best people available. After all, talent attracts talent.

Pick & Pay offer businesses a variety of digital tools which cater to their every need. Business owners can finally access all the digital solutions they need from a single platform while only investing in what they need.

If you are looking to further learn about what digital solutions are out there and how they can help you save time while making more money, get in touch with our specialised team for a free consultation.

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